ZIBROO production meets the strictest quality requirements. In case of factory defect, you can make a claim under the terms of the guarantee provided when selling the good. Claims are accepted with the presence of the check from the place of purchase of the good.


Guarantee terms and conditions:

The warranty covers hidden factory defects identified during the operation.

The consumer, who is covered by the guarantee, is only a person who buys goods for personal use, but not for doing business (profit).


The guarantee does not apply to:

Thermal underwear, underwear, socks and hats / headbands.

Damage caused by improper use, care and storage.

The defects formed as a result of operating in conditions that do not meet their purpose.

The natural attrition during the use.

Mechanical damage (cuts, etc. with damaging of the front cover).

Deformation caused by improper socks, drying , loss of quality and properties as a result of chemical exposure, and other defects caused by customer's fault .

Goods repaired by the buyer before returning back to the store.

Damage resulting from the exposure with acids and alkalis, stickers, adhesives; or contact with the abrasives, sharp objects.

Goods those were not suitable for the customer by the parameters (size).

Breaks and / or holes caused by mechanical stress, burn-out, fading, staining and molting.

The appearance of pilings on the product, shrinkage in size.

Any damage of the membranes (includes changes of membrane properties) associated with improper care of the product- the use of unsuitable detergents or cleaners.


Covered by guarantee:

Only factory defective seams, zippers defective, and any plastic or metal fittings defective parts.

Wrong sewn buckle and/or tightening; missing fasteners and/or tightening.


Storage recommendations:

Avoid direct sunlight and moisture, chemical substances.

Do not store/leave clothes close to heating and lighting equipment.

Keep in regularly ventilated rooms with normal humidity.


Recommended use:

When exercising use only clothes for sports and leisure.

Before washing, read the icon on care of clothes (international characters symbols for washing, ironing, etc. See on the inner label).

Choose correct clothes according to your parameters. In case of size mismatch may occur deformations, disperse of joints, etc.

Do not dry clothes using heating surfaces (batteries, stoves, etc.) and close to open flames. It should be drying in a well-ventilated area with low humidity. Otherwise the fabric could break down, get too dry, fittings can peel, flake, etc.

Avoid getting mechanical details, active acids or solvents, to the product because it might cause from material color damage up to the loss of appearance or getting defects (holes, the dissolution of the loop when hooked, and so on).

In care for membrane products you need to use specially recommended washing agents. Wash of membrane products have to be separate from other clothing, without the use of soaking, wringing, drying, and ironing.


Explanation of the icons for the care of textiles