Sportswear quality is largely determined by the tissue from which it is sewn. Professional and extreme sports here impose special requirements that affect health and life of an athlete. The modern "sport" fabric must: be breathable, hygienic, should be protected from rain and wind shrill and maintain an optimum temperature of the body mode. It must be wear-resistant, durable and light. It should provide comfort and do not hamper movements ... Manufacturers of high-quality sports clothing not only need advanced technologies and production methods, but also they have to use innovative fabrics. Combining in their products variety of high-tech materials, Zibroo achieves the best performance apparel due to the seasonality of sports activities for which it is intended.


The membrane tissue- space technology, which has become commonplace in sportswear. "Membranes" protect from heavy rain and piercing wind, and the body is not becoming wet from lack of air. Membrane fabrics are multi-layered: The top wear layer, the lower soft layer, and between them - more protective layers of tissue and the membrane. Key indicators - water resistance (water pressure, which maintains fabric) and breathability (the amount of steam that passed through the tissue for a certain period of time) According to the structure of the membrane it is divided into non- pore , pore and combined. It regulates the number of independent thermoregulation within the product. The first industrial membrane tissue was Gore-Tex, designed for use in space. After the expiration of the patent on it, there were created other tissues, similar to Gore-Tex. We use a waterproof membrane with 5,000 - 20,000 mm water column.


Synthetic knitted fabric made of polyester, for the production of warm clothing. Fleece is hypoallergenic, good "breathing", quickly drying, and even when it gets wet it retains insulating properties. This lightweight, flexible material is unpretentious in care and relatively hardwearing. Depending on the processing, fleece has a different degree of softness. In many models of Zibroo we use non peeling fleece, that past the treatment against formation of pellets, which allows it to last longer and maintain its performance characteristics. The fabric may be single or double sided. From fleece we make clothes of the "middle layer", as well as separate garments.


The common name of a family of more than a hundred kinds of modern fabrics: polyester, fleece and knitted. DuPont Polyester microfiber company gives special properties of these materials. These light, warm, strong and durable fabrics are characterized by excellent water-repellent and breathable. Polartec materials are divided into three main categories: Next-to-skin – quick drying, well absorbent cloth for the manufacture of thermal underwear; Insulation – heat saving fabrics for the "middle layer"; Weather Protection – water and windproof material for the upper / protective layer.


Functional Fabric based on polyester. Suitable for sportswear and bicycle diapers. Its tubular fibers consist of multiple (4-6) channels. This gives CoolMAX the advantage of more than 20% on the surface over conventional fabrics. CoolMAX perfectly absorbs moisture and dries quickly. Air permeability of CoolMAX due to the structure, makes the fabric "breathable", soft, supple and shape retention. Material is 50% softer than cotton and very comfortable to touch. It is light to maintain and does not require use of special detergents.


New synthetic insulation which is close by the ratio of thermal insulation properties of lightness and elasticity, to the natural down. Hollow fibers are intertwined with each other and form a springy structure that is resistant to compression and tear. Holofibre does not absorb moisture and odor, dries quickly. Insulation is non-toxic, hypoallergenic, when packed is very compact and is quickly restored when unpacking. Unlike Holofibre fluff fibers maximally resistant to migration. Holofibre is undemanding in care.


Innovative insulation of polyolefin microfibers (23-13 %) and polyester (77-87 %) with a diameter of 2 to 10 microns (50-70 times thinner than a human hair) . They are similar to the fluff of natural fur externally, and the ability to retain heat is well.

Thinsulate was tested in the harshest environment, including the Arctic. Clothing from it is environmental friendly, warm, light and compact. Thinsulate is 1, 5 times warmer than down and 2 times warmer than other modern heaters. It warms even when wet. When is high humidity it is not getting heavier. It protects from the cold in a wide range of temperatures (up to -60 ° C), providing excellent ventilation and moisture evaporation. It is easy to care and durable, without loss of properties (after 20 washes - shrinkage of not more than 10%). The material is resistant to compression, but products made of it are not for compacted keeping and cannot be stored at high temperatures. Thinsulate is used for all types of clothing and accessories.

Pure fluff

Zibroo uses only the best Siberian fluff. As it is known, the harsh climate of northern regions affects the quality of heat keeping down of the birds that lives there. We use the fluff with optimal amounts of feathers and down, the final mix: 90 % down / 10 % feather.

Soft Shell

This revolutionary clothing concept combines in one thing several layers of clothing (the upper, protective and heat-saving). Soft Shell Ideologies meet various patented fabrics, some of which may consist of a list of materials. Outside of such tissue may be dense matter, inside - a very thin pile. Criterias of Soft Shell: wind and moisture protection, comfort and freedom of movement thanks to the elasticity of the tissue, lightness, compactness. But most importantly are good breathability, thermoregulation and removal of internal moisture. The lowest temperature standard for Soft Shell - is -10 ° C, so in difficult weather conditions it is recommended to combine Soft Shell with more traditional gear.


Zibroo uses Cordura material for amplification of clothing items and as the basis of products designed for extreme use. The special structure of the fibers and the special impregnation makes Cordura material indispensable where a tissue needs special requirements: increased durability (resistance to mechanical damage, including wear and tear), durability, water resistance and it makes it long to use. In the list of material advantages it includes low weight and the ability to dry quickly.


Reflective materials of the company 3M Scotchlite - a system of tiny glass wide-angle lens with a mirror coating applied to the fabric or film substrate. These materials, silver in the afternoon, at night and in bad weather when the light of headlights and lamps gets on them they become bright white, reflecting 1,500 times more light than normal tissues. Scotchlite allows you to make outdoor-clothing much more secure, reducing the likelihood of "non-sporting" traumatic factors. Increased visibility is important for many athletes - cyclists, skiers, athletes, snowboarders, climbers and tourists. Also Scotchlite is an interesting detail for a stylish sportswear, used for the manufacture and application of logos and graphics that are visible 24 hours a day.


The clothes of Zibroo are using high quality accessories from the Japanese company YKK - the global market leader of fixing systems. We use in our clothes the entire range of YKK products: zippers of different sizes , materials, colors and styles , including windproof and waterproof ; ribbons, cords, limit switches, rivets, stoppers, buckles, fasteners and fixing products of synthetic materials ... A rich range of innovative joining technologies of YKK is used by us to make clothes of Zibroo even more comfortable and functional .

Antibacterial textiles

For antibacterial protection, Zibroo uses fabrics that were treated with protective antibacterial composition of the company Sanitized® SANITIZED AG, Switzerland, a global leader in the development and production of sanitary protection materials.

Sanitized® additives prevent unpleasant odor, the emergence of bacteria, mold, mildew and dust mites. Impregnating Sanitized® are resistant to repeated washing and thermally stable. The freshness and hygiene for your clothing are provided for a long time even under extreme loads.