Now Zibroo - the only manufacturer of sportswear in Kazakhstan, who uses laser and ultrasound technology in products for outdoor activities and extreme sports.


It helps to achieve superior materials welded at their high strength. It used to absolutely sealed seams and non-thread products from non-woven, synthetic and membrane materials. Ultrasonic knife makes a clean cut trim pieces to prevent crushing, the contraction of the fabric edges and the appearance of threads and puffs. Afterwards follows the seam sealing by thermal welding technology.


Laser equipment in the production of sportswear is used for simple cuts and cutting pieces of complex elements, the creation of applications and engraving patterns on fabrics.

Laser processed tissue edges does not allow them to spread and prevents damage and deformation of the material. The laser beam is ideal for smooth and accurate cutting. The technology is suitable for almost all types of fabrics, including thermo fabrics.

Thermal welding

The technology of heat sealing engagement of pieces of cloth without use of threads. It allows heat to glue seams from the inside of the product and the membrane covering of the fabric with adhesive tape.

Details of the cut welded to each other at a certain temperature under high pressure uniform by means of thermal or ultrasonic equipment. Lack of needle punctures provides complete sealing seams, which is especially important in ski clothes. The technology used in the down products, eliminates migration of down and protect it from getting wet.


Protection Technology suture compounds in products with high requirements for water resistance. Particularly relevant for sportswear which uses waterproof membrane tissues. Suture holes, no matter how small they are, destroys waterproof of the product. The sealing seam is performed from the inner side of the article as welded tape over the seam. The flow of hot air heats the tape to 700 ° C, and then it is firmly pressed to the roller seam welding with coated fabric membrane.

Flat seam Flatlock

Flatlock is indispensable in the manufacture of thermal underwear. In sportswear which is in direct contact with the body, are not allowed any irregularities: during prolonged activity sooner or later they will cause discomfort and can rub the skin. Soft, durable seam Flatlock eliminates these problems and increases the heat-saving properties of the garment. Flatlock - a type of flat seam. For this seam fabric is processed with special sewing machines: the edges are cut, fit together (or close adjustable overlaps) and sewn with a complex pattern thread.

Warm seams

It is a complex innovative technology for production of down products for extremely low temperatures. Its use allows eliminating heat loss in the region of the joints. For warm seam outer and inner fabric of down- included package are not stapled together, but connect with the special interim belt. Clothing made with this technology is much warmer than conventional products with "through" seams. In the clothing and sleeping bags made with the use of warm joints, you will be comfortable at a temperature of 0 to -40 ° C.