Functional elements

Small practical details - that's what distinguishes the thoroughly thought-out sports clothes. Zibroo Designers take into account any specifics: weather conditions, loads of any intensity, harmony of all the components of the sports image, usability of enhancements ... Particular attention is paid to the anatomic cut. The smallest touches for comfort and protection, which Zibroo gives to its holders to extend fun of sports.Provide air circulation, perfectly fulfilling the role assigned to them for thermo regularity.

Anti-wind drag away on the hood

 Windproof drawstring with adjustable puffs is sewn to the lining on the front edge of the hood. When dragging away it is tight to the face, keeping the warm air inside. Even at high speed it protects head from the weather elements.


Removable hood

 Detachable hood with the use of zipper or buckle Velcro. Equipped with a leveling system, in most cases the amount is easily adjusted with one hand, without removing gloves. The fixtures and adjustments for the hood are high-quality accessories from YKK. Zippers of the hood are protected with a strap.


Secret hood

 The retractable hood in the collar is used in the models, designed for those for whom light weight is important. The integrity of the hood and the jacket provides good protection from the rain.


High collar

 Often, collars of ski jackets and snowboarders are higher than on jackets “casual”. This design solution provides protection for the neck and chin from the snow, sun and wind.


Adjustable cuffs (buckle of Velcro)

 Cuffs with "velcro" make it easy to establish the optimum girth wrists and the necessary length of the sleeves. Zibroo uses only high-quality YKK Velcro, which will not fail even after repeated use. Most winter jackets of Zibroo uses stalemates of frost plastic, which are immune to long-term operations.


Elastic cuffs

 Internal elastic mitts with a slot for the thumb- easy part, duplicating the external protection of sleeves. They are made of Lycra, fleece and other soft tissues. Sleeves are now not rolled up, and the snow does not get on the skin between the sleeve and glove, even when falling into a deep "Snow". The demi-season models of soft cuffs keep your hands warm without gloves


Protective inner Skirt

 Tightly wraps the hips protective "skirt" on the non-slip rubber band prevents the penetration of wind and snow. Sewn in the waist area and fastened in front with buttons. Without this detail there are no jackets for winter active sports.


Multifunctional carbine

 Holder provided for keeping a ski pass or keys, made ​​of cold-resistant plastic. Using this hook even your very small but necessary things will not be lost on the slope.


Pocket for admission

 Small pocket for ski- pass. The convenient location in the sleeve pocket allows you to get a pass for the lift without unbuttoning jacket and getting cold.


Pocket for glasses

 The outdoor sport without sunglasses – do not exist! Especially in the mountains, where solar radiation is particularly rigid and intense. For such an important accessory, like sunglasses, was always on hand and provided this handy soft pouch.


Mobile phone pocket

 Antistatic pocket specifically designed for mobile phones. The handset is comfortable to wear and easy to get, it is not shaking inside the pocket.


Hole Handsfree

 Output for the wire Handsfree, from the cell- phone pocket. You do not need to stop and take off gloves to unbutton the pocket and pull out a ringing cell phone. When necessary, you can always stay in touch.


Removable braces with back

 Detachable backrest with adjustable suspenders makes trousers into dungarees, protecting back from blowing and snow. The ability to be detached in one motion was checked by athletes. Waterproof YKK zipper at the back of the removable strap is additionally protected.


Waterproof zippers

 In clothing for active sports for difficult weather conditions Zibroo uses waterproof YKK zippers. For super protection the upper part of a zipper is closed with a small valve.


Protective strips

 External zippers are usually closed in outdoor- clothing. Carry out wind and moisture proof functions; increasing thermal insulation properties of clothing.


Volume regulation

 Various adjustments make it possible to customize clothing for the figure of an athlete. Adjustments are usually located on the collar, hood, cuffs, waist and hem of the jacket, the belt and the bottom of the pants. You can make transformations to the jacket depending on the weather conditions, the characteristics of shapes and thicknesses of the lower layers of clothing. Comfortable adjustments with elastic cord are controlled with one hand. Now you are ready for the ever-changing mountain weather.


Air ventilation on the jacket

 It would seem, snowboarding and skiing belong to the class "frosty ", but even in winter on slopes can be hot. To unfasten the main zipper, nullifying moisture protection, hidden vents provide excellent air circulation. Ventilation is preferably made in the armpits, but it can be also taken out forward and to the back, and on the collar. Ventilation is closed using waterproof YKK zippers, protected with netting. Zippers for thermoregulation are more common for clothing from membrane fabrics.