Along with the well-known brands, you can also find less popular companies, which, however, also achieved spectacular success. For example, "KazSpo -N»- the largest manufacturer of sportswear in Central Asia; ZIBROO produce clothing for regular citizens and professionals. The company, which appeared in 1996, engaged in the production of overalls and professional clothing, just after 8 years it decided to launch its own brand Zibroo.

Promoting the brand began outside of the country, the first ZIBROO shop was recently opened in Almaty during this year, in August. Real popularity came to the brand after the VII Asian Winter Games, where Zibroo was the official supplier of sportswear and uniform, also after the Olympic Winter Games in Sochi, where the brand ZIBROO was dressing the national team of Kazakhstan. Now the company is the official representative of the forthcoming Universiade -2017. In the production area of "KazSpo –N” in Almaty there are more than 200 employs, the factory sews around 200 thousand pieces per year. “We had a little faith for the success outside of Kazakhstan, - says Zibroo’s head of sales Zaure Kurumbaeva. We thought that if we won’t be able to sell goods in the country then there is nothing to think about the foreign markets. However, everything turned out the opposite. Now, neither we nor our consumers do not doubt about the quality and competitiveness of our product. The best proof of it is the long-awaited opening of the brand shop. Now our main ambitious goal is to dress Kazakhstanis across the country in a beautiful sportswear of domestic production.”




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