In Kazakhstan comes revaluation of reputation of producing products.

Today in Majilis during governmental hour parliamentarians and representatives of concerned departments discussed issues related to the development of light industry in Kazakhstan. With the report about the situation in this area was Minister of Investment and Development Aset Isekeshev. Before the meeting an exhibition was demonstrated to deputies, it contained clothing from Kazakh manufacturers: from stocking to branded work wear QazBrend.

Female part on the improvised fair, were ready to buy almost everything. Deputy Maira Aisina tried on several hats from domestic meters and was pleased. She admitted that, like any women she likes beautiful clothes, but not running for top brands.

During the meeting of governmental hour, vice- speaker of the lower house of parliament Dariga Nazarbayeva noted the importance of the topic. “It seems to me that we do not know much yet about this industry. For all these years, after the crisis of 90’s after the collapse of the Soviet Union light industry rubbed a lot., especially in the sales market, when there were giant- factories, which provided their own products to almost entire Soviet Union”,-Dariga Nazarbayeva said, noting that today domestic light industry is heavily restoring.

Dariga Nazarbayeva has led statistics: Kazakhstan imports exceed exports by 12 times and is about 2.2 billion dollars a year. “In practice, we, Kazakhstanis over the years have been preserved habits found among a large number of products offered by us, our retail, and production of our domestic manufacturers. Do you agree? Eyes immediately search for something imported. We all used to import”, - asked the vice-speaker colleagues, reminding that 80 percent of imported products are not certified.

“There is no proper state control over the quality of imported products, there is counterfeit products”, Dariga Nazarbayeva said.

Minister of Investment and development Aset Issekeshev, who delivers a report on the development of a light industry in the country, hastened to reassure the audience, that it is not so bad in the industry. “Many people think that there is no light industry in the country, that we do not produce anything, that everything is imported. I can say that this is not true. If 8-10 years ago, we produced 60 thousand tons of skin, and 10 to 15 percent was refined. The rest was exported to China and other countries. Now, after the modernization and construction of Almaty tannery factories- in Taraz and Semey, from 60 thousand tons almost 85 percent is recycled. We began producing tinted skin”, Asset Issekeshev said.

“We do not build a shopping center; apparently some support was within the business Road map. I think it is a good idea. We are with those centers that received state support; we ask them for our factories, which produce Kazakh goods, to provide some support. But unlikely we build a special shopping center, we better subsidize”, said Minister of Investment and Development.

During the meeting, the deputy Seitsultan Aimbetov offered to produce school uniform in Kazakhstan. “We would like to appeal to all businessmen and public servants, to keep all orders in Kazakhstan”, - Minister of Investment and Development of Kazakhstan said.

Today during the exhibition there was also presented a line of children’s clothing from Kazakh producer. While giving a speech, general director of the company promised that in 10 years all Kazakh nation will wear only domestic clothes. For this to happen, there will be created a special program “10 years- 10 global brands”.

“And then, it’s all about technique and execution, what government should do. We the Parliament, in part of regulation of the laws will try to do everything that depends on us.”, - said Vice Speaker of Majilis, supporting the idea of entrepreneurs.

By the way, when governmental hour was completed, the exhibition of domestic products was still continuing in the hall. Almost all of the advertising tights and stockings were gone. “They were happily sold to ladies of Majilis Parliament and to women deputies themselves”, said manufacturer represents.

Information took from TengriNews

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