"Kazakctanda zhasalan- made in Kazakhstan- 2015"


Exhibition in Astana

In Astana in terms of celebration the Day of industrialization and the traditional national teleconference with the participation of President Nursultan Nazarbayev there was an exhibition of domestic producers “Kazakctanda zhacalan- Made in Kazakhstan- 2015”.

July 2-3 in Astana, at the exhibition center “Kerme” the was an exhibition of domestic producers “Kazakctanda zhacalan- Made in Kazakhstan”. President Nursultan Nazarbayev is going to visit the first day of the exhibition, Kazpravda.kz says.

The event is held with the initiative of JCS “National Agency for the development of local content” NADLoS “(MIR RK). The exhibition includes more than 80 companies from all regions of the country.

“The main purpose of the exhibition: new businesses, new producing lines, new trends in modernization and in expansion of the products. This exhibition was a proof of increasing name manufactured goods in the country for mass consumption. The exhibition presents almost the whole range of products , starting with the exclusive food products , such as goat’s milk, to buttons, footwear, household detergents, antifreeze, wheel sets and turnouts for railways. First of all, the exhibition aims to increase public awareness of domestic products and enterprises”,- the chairman of the Board of JCS “National Agency for the development of local content NADLos” Kairat Bekturgenov says.

In terms of the event, agency plans to sign more than 20 memoranda of cooperation with the  domestic manufacturers, which in particular involves applying the common logo “Made in  Kazakhstan” for manufactured products.

 Also will be signed a tripartite memorandum between JSC “National Agency for the development  of local content “ NADLoS” (MIR RK), with the representatives of the American company Avaya  and the company “KazTehElektronika” on cooperation in the development of the  telecommunications industry in Kazakhstan. The parties intend to set up production of telephone  exchanges and telephone sets in Astana and Zhezkazgane. Production will include: adaptation  and localization under Kazakhstan special program collateral, provided from AVAYA, based on  the development of open-source software system for installation on a hardware platform.

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