Travel manager

Qualified professionals by your request will visit the company, in order to study specifics of the production, to offer you the best solution of issues related to the integrated provision of special clothing, footwear and protective equipment.


For the convenience of our foreign customers and partners in the company there is a department for foreign economic activities.

Employees of the department:


On the basis of LLP "Kaz SPO-N» works methodical center of development and implementation of special clothing and personal protective equipment. The center specializes in analytical work and consulting in the field of occupational safety and health.

Center specialists provide assistance on the proper selection and effective use of protective clothing and personal protective equipment; help to calculate the cost-effectiveness of the use of modern PPE. As experts in matters of occupational health and people who are constantly in contact with experts of labor enterprises in various industries Protection, we are always happy to share our knowledge and valuable experience and to answer any of your questions.

Also methodical center has been conducting training workshops for various companies. Seminars are held either on basis of "Kaz SPO –N” methodical center or by visiting a factory. When we form themes for the seminar, we take into account clients offers, we analyze their questions, and in the end we listen to the material with the maximum applied nature. The seminar program is developed each time individually depending on the subject and composition of those present at the event.

Center specialists are constantly monitoring changes in the legislation, in the field of occupational safety, and personal protective equipment. At the same time company's specialists provide assistance in the development of corporate standards.


Today, many companies have their own corporate style of clothing, which is expressed in a combination of colors and other branded items, among which is the main logo of the company. We can offer printing logos using different ways.


We offer our clients services in organizing the delivery of the purchased goods. We deliver goods to the customers to any regions on the territory of Kazakhstan, as well as we have the ability to arrange delivery of the goods abroad.

Deliveries can be made by:

Combined shipping using different modes of transport.

Requests for delivery are transmitted through the sales managers. With the help of our managers you can control the process of transportation- our managers will promptly provide you information of where your cargo is from now and by the time it is shipped to you on receipt of stock. Check price for the delivery depends on the weight (volume) of the goods, type of transportation and the distance. More information can be obtained from the managers by the phone: 253-06-20 ext 101. Delivery made to businesses and individuals after they provide 100% prepayment or if there is an agreement to defer payment.


We produce customized corporate clothing collections by the orders according with the specifics of the enterprise, taking into account climatic conditions. At the same time, we use fabrics of different colors and with different characteristics: anti-static, flame retardant, heat-resistant, membrane, cold-resistant, waterproof, windproof. High strength and durability of fabrics guarantee its long use and presentable look of the clothing after a long period of employ, and ergonomic design provides optimum comfort.

In the development and creation of corporate work wear collections, we carry out the following stages: