Your style. Your sport. Your freedom.

Sport - is our passion.  We are always searching for something, new discoveries, and pleasure of reaching and getting yesterday’s goals, self-confidence ... Based on our own experience we understand what sport can give us, and we know what  are the required qualities for a good sport equipment. We- ZIBROO team of professionals, united together by love of sport and common purpose. We can offer you a high- tech clothes and accessories from ZIBROO for your comfort in any, even the most extreme weather conditions- like a freeride from a snow-covered mountain slope or a bicycle ride in the sultry steppe. We know: the weather does not exist for us.

ZIBROO - Kazakh developer and manufacturer of high-tech sportswear, which is corresponding to the most modern standards. The only 100% local production of sportswear in the country, based on its own set of high-end industrial equipment.

Brand ZIBROO offer clothes for cyclists, skiers and snowboarders, clothing for tennis, for team sports (basketball, volleyball, soccer), figure skating, fitness and jogging, wrestlers and fencers, as well as models in sporty style (sport casual). Designers and constructors of ZIBROO are guided by people who choose freedom and who follow the latest trends in fashion sportswear.

ZIBROO is paying special attention to the quality of the product. For our clothes we use (refer to subsection "Materials" section "Technology") modern membrane fabrics, materials of class Soft Shell, insulations of a new generation Thinsulate, Holofiber, Polartec, natural fuzz. Hardware - from the world’s leader manufacturer of innovative joining technology, Japanese company YKK. For sublimation printing we use special inks on natural basis. As a result we get highest quality product for sure. After all, sport does not accept compromises. Maintaining comfortable microclimate, "breathable" and rainproof ZIBROO clothes will give you an opportunity to enjoy outdoor activities, not depending on the weather.

ZIBROO guarantees its customers not only high quality, but efficiency of implementation and compliance with international standards. By the end of 2004 we have successfully implemented international quality system ISO 9000: 2000, and annually since then our company go over recertification of ISO. On the way of development we cooperate with the European Development Bank, with the Entrepreneurship Development Fund "Damu", with the National Agency for Export and Investment «KAZNEX INVEST» MINT RK. The company use the concept of Kaizen, "Lean Production", the system 5S.

Brand ZIBROO is introduced in 12 regions of Russia. Now we are working on opening a show-room ZIBROO in Switzerland.

ZIBROO is preparing to start producing clothes on fluff and planning to start making denim clothing. Together with Russian scientists we are working on the project “Smart Clothes”, clothing that will be able to adapt to different temperatures of man and different weather conditions. Soon we are planning expansion: construction of a separate office ZIBROO, a warehouse for finished goods and a shop for silk screen printing. One of our distant plans: organization of our own retail network. Today, our products Kazakhstanis can buy in stores, “Extremal”.

ZIBROO persistently adheres to the principles, on which the whole company’s strategy was build.

Quality- we believe, that in our case there are no small things, but there are details. We pay attention to details on every stage of production, starting with choosing fabric and accessories. Each production period is accompanied by strict quality control. Every detail is well though for maximum comfort and impeccable style.

Manufacturability is our credo, different research and innovations to achieve the best results.

The uniqueness- regular search for unique and recognizable shapes, comfortable, practical ZIBROO clothes absolutely does not restrict movements and allows you to effectively engage in sports in all weather conditions.

ZIBROO collaborative approach to partnership is embodied in the motto “Growing together”. We aim to contribute to the development of our business partners based on deliberate building and improving cooperation, joint involvement and satisfaction of customers and reaching global goals.

ZIBROO aims to successful business, offering the clients optimal variations of high quality goods for sport and active lifestyle at a decent level of service.


Start of the history

The story of ZIBROO’s success has not much time, but we already have what to boast.

1996- It is all started with a small business working with homeworkers, then with a rent of 15, 30 sewing machines. Brand “Professional clothes” (link http://kazspo.kz/) first announced itself. It was a small commercial business, which was selling household goods and finished overalls. However, people asked for clothes of higher quality. By that time, in Kazakhstan there was no factory that produce clothes which meets all standards. Those days in Republic of Kazakhstan there were no sewing enterprises that have needed professional requirements. That is how the idea of producing high quality international and standardized professional clothes for working profession appeared. Was acquired personal production area (at first 600, then 1200 sqm) was built 2nd floor. The expansion continues today.

1998 - Start of cooperation with the world’s famous company “3M” and joint implementation of the reflective stripes “ScotchliteÔ” to Kazakh market.

1998 - re-registration of company’s name, that fits with the main direction – LLP “KazSPO” (Kazakhstan modern professional clothing).

2000 - First try of working with a new generation heaters “Thinsulate”. This is quite an expensive material, and its introduction to the market of Kazakhstan was due to the great entrepreneurial risk.

2003 - Volume of production from Thinsulate was increased to 70%.

2003 - LLP “KazSPO” was renamed to LLP “KazSPO- N” (Kazakhstan modern professional clothing- New).

2003 - Creator and director of the company Svechnikova Elena Alexandrovna won in the competition “The best woman- producer” in Almaty and Almaty district.

2004 - Victory in quality competition “Altyn Sapa”. By that time, company LLP “KazSPO-N” had already lots of governmental rewards.

End of 2004- successful implementation of International Quality System ISO 9000:2000

2009 - LLP “KazSPO-N” was in the registry of country’s goods- producing fond “Samruk Kazina”.

 2009 - Obtained a certificate EN 11612/08 (A1 - B1 - C1), EN 1149 - 5/08 and EN 340/03 on fire resistant clothing produced by LLP " KazSPO -N».

2009 - Company is developing a new direction - the production of sports clothing, namely, ski, snowboard, football players, boxers, etc. Was officially registered «ZIBROO» as own brand of clothes.

2010 – On the exhibition "Textillegprom" (Moscow, Russia ) LLP " KazSPO -N» receives award for " Modern design and high quality collections of execution ".

2011 - ZIBROO becomes the official supplier of apparel VII Asian Winter Games. We produced clothes for VIP guests, athletes, volunteers, and technical staff. Company was awarded with government awards for outstanding contribution to Asian Games.

April 7, 2012 - Askhat Karatabanov become the first citizen of Kazakhstan who made a parachute jump to the North Pole from a height of 4 thousand meters. Clothes for Askhat, designed for the harsh polar conditions, was designed and manufactured by the experts of ZIBROO...

2012 - ZIBROO manufactured clothes for the fans at the London Olympics (by request of the tourist company “Complete service”).


8-10 August 2013 - in Almaty was held the regional competition- exhibition "Best Product of Kazakhstan 2013 ". In the nomination "The best goods for the population" won LLP " KazSPO -N".

December 25, 2013 - LLP "KazSPO -N" was awarded by the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan with the I-st degree diploma in the republican contest "The best goods of Kazakhstan ".

2014 - ZIBROO become a designer and manufacturer of the Olympic outfit of the national team of Kazakhstan for the XXII Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games 2014 in Sochi (Russia).

2014 – Uniform of the Olympic team of Kazakhstan entered the list of the best at the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games "Sochi-2014" by the Sports.ru portal.

2014 – The company becomes an official partner of the Asian Games -2011, and was awarded with the government awards for the outstanding contribution to Asian Games.


We present our employees

Owner and CEO of our company

Elena Alexandrovna Svechnikova


Office Manager

Anastasia Efimova

Provides work with the company's documents, visitors and various information.


Manager of “SAFETY WEAR” 

Kryzhko Alexander                 Vdovtseva Elena                       Sultashev Askar                       Zhumanbay Temirlan.

These are the experts, who receive orders for the worker clothes, who can offer you already developed versions of clothes and products, or following your suggestions can create a new product for you. These are the people who will lead your order from the sketch part to the output of finished products.


Manager of “SPORTS WEAR”

Karmanov Aman         Skvortsov Andrey          Velichko Natalia         Nurseitova Kuralaj         Khasenov Nurken

The team of managers, who make orders for sport clothes and gear for athletes. They are your helpers when it comes to sports team or sports clubs. These managers conduct negotiations with you, discuss the development of model of the clothes and the selection of tissues, and what is important they control timeliness of execution of your orders.



They create clothes designs offered by our designer’s team and they prepare patterns for cutting. Also they are counting them to all sizes prescribed in the order. 


Zibroo guarantees high quality of its products and their compliance with international standards. Durability and longevity of the products; comfort in use and in care - that is what we are always focus on our attention. Therefore Zibroo works only with reliable suppliers and manufacturers of raw materials, who were long established on the market. Among our partners are leaders of the world's industry.

Since 1997 - 3M (USA), an international diversified productive - innovation corporation. The company produces thousands of unique products and holds a leading position in many areas of production. Cooperation of Zibroo and 3M began with a joint introduction to the Kazakhstan market ScotchliteÔ reflective stripes . In 2000, we entered into a partnership agreement with 3M to manufacture garments with Thinsulate, one of the most advanced modern heaters.

Since 2000 - Company YKK (Japan), the world market leader of locking systems. Now company’s YKK zippers stands over more than half of the worldwide market. The company promoted the principle of "utility cycle." This means that each element must be produced with the highest attention to the quality. We use in our products to the whole range of innovative connecting technologies of YKK.

Since 2000 - DuPont, the US chemical company, one of the largest in the world. It produces a wide range of materials, conducting extensive innovative research in this field. The DuPont invented a variety of unique materials. Besides DuPont paints for direct digital printing, Zibroo uses materials that are resistant to most chemicals, and designed for real-time protection from open flames and high temperatures.

Since 2009 - Polartec LLC (Malden Mills Industries, Inc), a developer and manufacturer of innovative Polartec fabrics included (according to Time magazine ) in the list of the 100 most important inventions of the XX century . Series of Polartec materials in their ability to store heat is not inferior than wool, surpassing with number of parameters. Zibroo holds the license for the right of Polartec fabrics clothing manufacturing.

From 2012 - SANITIZED AG (Switzerland), a global leader in the development and production of sanitary protection materials. This company was the first in Europe to deliver products treated with silver for a natural antibacterial protection. Today, the products on which you can see the logo SANITIZED, are selling in more than 75 countries around the world


List of companies

  • SCCE Rescue Almaty http://109ssa.kz
  • Channel «Khabar » http://khabar.kz
  • "Kazakhstan" - Kazakhstan's state television http://kaztrk.kz
  • "TUBE" Swimming Club http://tube-sc.kz
  • Fight Club MMA "Alash Pride"
  • "Zumrad"- ice skaters juniors
  • Karadiboi - France. Uniform for the resort
  • FISU Sports Academy
  • SAXE
  • "Munaygazkurylys " - 10 years
  • "Kasting" - 10 years
  • "Tyurkishpetroleum " - 9 years
  • "Kazgermunai " - 7 years
  • "Sazankurak" - 8 years
  • " Karazhanbasmunay " - 5 years
  • «PFD» - 5 years
  • "KazTransCom" - 5 years
  • SOP Kazakhstan - 4 years
  • CBN
  • MD of RK
  • R.G.K.P. "The management staff of national teams and sports reserves"
  • NGO "Capital Boxing Federation" -4 years
  • JSC "ShymkentMay" 3 years
  • JSC "Executive Direction of the Organizing Committee of the 7th Asian Games 2011" -4 years
  • Physical Culture of Sports in Almaty in 2010
  • Kazakhstan Association of parachuting
  • PF "Kazakhstan Federation of mountain skiing"
  • "Federation of ski jumping"
  • Kazakhstan Federation Nordic Combined
  •  Republican State Enterprise "Directorate staff of national teams and of sports Olympic reserve" Republic of Kazakhstan Agency for Sports and Physical Culture
  •  NGO "National Paralympic Committee" -5 years
  •  State Directorate "Universiade Almaty 2017"
  •  SI "Regional Specialized Boarding School for gifted children Z.K.O.
  • GU.KPP.
  • Specialized children-youth school of Olympic reserve (SCYSOR) № 9
  • CSKA
  • EquipCenter
  • Avis - Media -Service
  • Kazakh ALPINE CLUB
  • Dion
  • Sports School "Shanyrak"
  • Aigolek
  • Stayer
  • Complete service
  • "Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools"
  • Federation of Sport Fishing (FSFRK)
  • "Tabagan "
  • HSBS
  • Basketball Team Yeti
  • Hockey club "Almaty"
  • Basketball team "Caspian"
  • "Chimbulak" - ski resort shimbulak.kz
  • The Republican Guard

High standarts

In December, 2004 our company has been successfully certified by the certification ISO 9001-2000 (Certificate Authority I-OQNET, SAI Global: Certificate ICO 9001-2000, QEC21894, IV ISO 9001-2000).

     Were developed internal standards of the enterprise’s quality policy:

  • "Quality Manual" RK KSPO.01-10;
  • "Document management" STP KSPO 01-10;
  • "Service keeping of the records and storage of documents" STP KSPO 03-10;
  • "Internal Audit" STP KSPO 04-10;
  • "Records Management" STP KSPO 05-10;
  • "Control of nonconforming products, the implementation of corrective actions" STF KSPO 06-10,
  • "Identifying of potential nonconformities, the implementation of preventive actions" STF KSPO 07-10,
  • "Analysis of customer requirements" STP KSPO 10-10,
  • "Design and manufacture of professional clothing" STP KSPO 12-10,
  • "Materials Procurement" STP KSPO 13-10,
  • "Human Resource Management" STP KSPO 19-10.
  • With the introduction of ISO quality control process improved the input of raw materials;
  • Tightened quality control of products;

We constantly support feedback with the customer (ones every 2 months mandatory surveys of clients); labeling, instructions for use of the products, packaging products according to ISO 13688


In February 2008, was held a re-certification audit of the company, throughout the entire period the company has successfully passed planned recertification audit.

In 2009 we received a certificate EN 11612/08 (A1 - B1 - C1), EN 1149-5 / 08 and EN 340/03 on a fire resistant clothing produced by LLP "KazSPO -N".

In March 2011 we changed the certification authority to "Kaz Expo audit".