Collection “Sochi 2014”

Collection “Sochi 2014”. The concept of the design of collection “Sochi 2014” contains of motives of old, found on the territory of Kazakhstan, fine monuments: petroglyphs, stone sculptures, as well as archeological and epigraphic monuments, which is a unique cultural heritage of Kazakhstan and proved by UNESCO as an integral part of the cultural heritage of the global human civilization.

Designers used motives of the ancient images to decorate costumes and as decorative embroidery on all items of clothing collection. Design of the embroidery was created with the best traditions of Kazakh carpet weaving, using Kazakh traditional ornamental motives and symbolize the unity of cosmological world order, which is inherent to ancient settlers of Kazakhstan and reflected in folk tales and legends of Kazakh people.

Models of the collection were constructed using high- tech fabrics, which gives you freedom in movements and high comfort in any weather. Free anatomic cut does not hinder movements.